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I’ve been away from the blog for a while as you’ve likely noticed and for good reason. I’ve been happily busying myself with other projects.

I’m still working on that third book but it will go into the publisher before the end of April. I’m excited to be nearing the finish line with the book and moving onto the next book project. I have two different books in mind so when this current manuscript goes to print I’ll need to narrow down which proposal to submit first.

Bryan has been travelling a great deal for work which is nothing new. The abundance of travel leaves me handling most of the household and school related parent responsibilities. Most of what I do is the same from week to week… making lunches, cooking dinners, walking my wee one to school, laundry, dishes, housework and such.

There were a few other things too.

I had the two wisdom teeth on the left side removed. Ouch. Things weren’t so bad until the freezing came out. I took it easy for a week and immersed myself in starting to read the Outlander series. I missed the gym and running but sometimes a rest is good for the body and the mind.

A few weeks ago Brantford saw record breaking low temperatures which resulted in a drain freezing as well as a big mess in the basement of our 1870’s home. Last week there was yet another substantial puddle which turned out to be a washer hose. Then, because Mom always said things happen in threes, there was one more bit of mysterious water on the basement floor. After days of trial and error we realized that the gasket in the drain of the soaker tub needs replaced. Home ownership is always an adventure especially when it is a Victorian gem.

I’ve been preoccupied with another hobby. Knitting. Friends who’ve known me since my school days know how I loathed knitting. In fact, I coerced my mother into doing my knitting project for my Grade 8 Family Studies class. Funny that knitting was right up there with running… things you would never catch me doing. Truth be known, I’m enjoying it immensely, so much so that I’ve even collected a stash of gorgeous yarns and queued dozens of projects on a web resource named Ravelry. So far I’ve made scarves for the kids and cowls for a few of my friends. A couple weeks ago I found out that a dear friend is expecting so I’m also knitting a baby blanket or three. I’m almost halfway through the first pattern. Next up… a poncho for my little girl, some yoga socks, a lace shawl for a very special woman, and more baby things.

Other than that, I’ve been procrastibaking. This is the act of baking when you really should be doing something more constructive. I could blame my pregnant friend who has cravings for baked goods, or I could blame the chilly clime and below seasonal deep freeze, but the truth is simply that I wanted to avoid folding another basket of laundry. The kids and Bryan have been really enjoying my being in this domestic diva sort of mood.

What else? Ah yes, I’ve been trying to cut back on coffee and with that in mind drinking lovely teas from a local tea shop called Sandalwood Teas. Right now I can’t decide which I like better… Lemon Cream or Hibiscus.

So that’s the update. Tomorrow I’ll post something related to my journey—a bit about why I started re-evaluating relationships.

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