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As usual it has been a bit hectic so I’ve been spending more time away from social media. There is the usual Mom business in the height of cold & flu season and I am back in the swing of training for my Spring running events.  I’ve been playing around with a Polar M400 and an in-depth review will be coming up. I’m still working on the manuscript for my third book and hope to finish it in the next month or so. On top of all of this I’m in career transition mode.

Quite some time ago I decided to close the doors on the web and graphic design business. I’d been designing since 1994 and, while I was very talented and the income was great, it had become something I wasn’t super-passionate about. Then, when I became a published author I realized that I needed to put my energies into work I am passionate about… work that I enjoy. Writing books and articles, as you have probably surmised, is something I love and will continue to do, however, I find I am being drawn in an interesting direction. It seems the more I fight it, the more the universe seems to be conspiring to make it happen.

You are likely wondering when I am going to get to the point of explaining how the title of this post, PACE, relates to my ramblings above.

Yesterday was the perfect day to walk to a meeting. Even if I knew how to drive, taking the car a half kilometre would be a waste of a beautiful morning walk.

I am now in training to be a Physical Activity Community Educator (PACE) for a local community health centre. This is a volunteer position that will allow me the opportunity to help others adopt a healthier lifestyle with one-on-one mentoring, leading group activity programs, helping create a physical activity library, motivational talks, and leading workshops.

Part of the reason I moving forward with this is to give back to my community and help others. I’ve always appreciated being able to make a positive impact in people’s’ lives. There are also personal and professional growth components to this. Helping others will keep me motivated and accountable, plus I have been tossing around the idea of doing more career-wise in this field. This is a wonderful chance to get my feet wet.

I’ve looked at several options including becoming a registered dietitian, fitness coach, or personal trainer. I’m not prepared, at this stage in my life, to take a four year BaSC so I am leaning strongly towards the personal trainer side of things once I surpass a few more milestones. While there is a lot of competition for positions, I do have a unique perspective that could set me apart. I’d love to work with diabetics in a training environment. I’m not there yet but it seems that I am constantly being pulled in this direction for a reason.

I have much to think about but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy helping people in my community learn that they can do things they never thought possible.


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