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Remember back in November I posted that I accepted the role as Run Ambassador for the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s first Run/Walk at the Ride for Heart? I mentioned that I’d have a discount code for those of you who want to run along the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto. Well, I have something even better…

TOMORROW is FREE registration day for Ride for Heart’s first ever Run/Walk!

Tomorrow only, the registration fee will be waived. For more information please visit Ride for Heart.

The event is on June 5th, 2016. I am a survivor and my goal is to run the 10K distance but there is also a 5K run and walk. I hope that you will join me to help raise awareness and research funds for a disease that affects so many.

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hello 2016

2015 was a rather eventful year that held many wonderful moments along with struggle and sadness. With the roller coaster ride I have learned much about myself. I am resilient. I overcome obstacles. I am a survivor. And, I am grateful for all of it. Even though I leave 2015 behind, I carry with me joyful memories of time spent with people I love and wisdom garnered from making it through difficult times.

Resolutions are something I really don’t prescribe to, but you knew that.  Of course I do have a bit of a plan for the year. Last year my life took some turns that got in the way so I didn’t reach some most of my milestones. Some of my plans from 2015 will be left behind perhaps to be revisited at another time and others will be brought forward. In 2016 I will continue living active, embracing motherhood, advocating for my health, listening to my intuition, eating mindfully and having fun.

Fitness wise I am working towards rebuilding my 5K and 10K running base. Right now I’m battling a persistent cough which is irritating because it limits what I can do. My first race is a 5K near the end of April and the second will be the event that I am an ambassador for. It is a 10K Run at the Ride for Heart in Toronto in early June. In training for these two events I will be building towards the 21.1K distance again and perhaps even running a half marathon in the autumn. I keep a list of events I am registered for, or contemplating, here on my blog.

Out with the old and in with the new! All this talk about running and I am reminded that I need new running shoes. My current pair has about 780K on them. I noticed on my last runs that left arch is letting me know that it’s high time to replace my beloved Asics. I might need two pair this year if everything goes well. I plan to run quite a bit.

I haven’t been to the gym consistently in a while because of my heart and now this blasted cough so I’ll be heading back there soon enough. I love to hop on the bike, lift, and swim to cross train. I was determined that I wasn’t going to like the gym but I actually do. Go figure. I’m well over a year into my membership though and I still haven’t taken a class. I might have to try that out especially seeing as Movati has a wonderful new yoga studio. I like to think of it as my “Mommy Time Out”. The gym days usually mean some social time with my friend Carla who’s company I quite enjoy. She tends to be my adultier adult.

When the trails are open for cycling again, I’m hoping to get out on some longer rides with friends (this means you Jenha) and family. I love my bike. In the meantime, I’d love to see some decent snow on those trails so that I might snowshoe. Yoga is something I love practicing too and I let that slide when I was dealing with the severe bruising on my leg after my heart procedure. It’s something my wee girl and I love to do together. I also stopped the little plank and wall-sit streak I was doing alongside my son. The health issues certainly interrupted the fun I was having so time to get back to business.

Speaking of health, I’m still keeping close tabs on blood sugar and blood pressure levels in order to keep diabetic retinopathy halted in its tracks. While not to the proliferative stages, it has been worsening and was quite severe at my last visit. I see the specialist tomorrow and will go from there.

I adore being a Mom and I am blessed to be able to work from home which makes balancing motherhood with career a little bit easier. I’ll be volunteering at my daughter’s school a little bit and will continue to walk her back and forth to kindergarten each day. Hopefully her brother will join us from time-to-time. The trend our family started in 2015 was to have more unplugged times when the weather is too miserable for outdoor activity and that includes playing games, crafts, and, my favourite, colouring. It’s all about connecting to one another rather than the internet. That will continue this year.

When it comes to what’s going on with my work 2016 is going to be an interesting. Professional growth is the theme here. I’m close to being finished with the manuscript for that third cookbook. It has taken so long and there has been one hiccup after another but I’m plugging away. I was stuck for a bit and loathing the process. Think of my being at the point equivalent to the 35K mark of a marathon. Once a book is turned in I’m usually ready to jump into the next one—I hope to be sharing a proposal and discussing contracts by October.  I’ve also been seeking more assignments as a freelance writer and I will be studying towards earning the Editors’ Association of Canada’s various professional certifications.

Creativity is going to be back in the forefront this year. Yesterday I replaced my beloved camera that ceased working at Cyprus Lake last summer. I chose what is referred to as a bridge camera because it is weather resistant and that will be useful on our rainy camping trips.. I’ll be hacking around with that as well as my usual pursuits such as drawing, knitting, sewing, and reading.  It’s part of my plan to create bonding experiences with the children and Bryan plus redirect stress.

At the end of 2015 I started purging the contents of drawers, closets, toy boxes, cupboards, my office cabinets, the basement, and the pantry. Bryan started doing the same with the shed and backyard just before Christmas. I want to continue along those lines and get rid of the clutter. There are still unpacked boxes in the basement from our move in 2007 so it’s high time to see what has been forgotten in the cellar of this old place.

Bryan, the children, and I have yet to have a good discussion about our plans for vacation time. There has been the odd mention of another bike-packing trip in Quebec or some wilderness canoe tripping. I’d love to backpack again but my little girl can’t put in the kilometres for more than a day hike just yet. At the dinner table on New Year’s Eve we were chatting about what we did last summer and mentioned another visit to Santa’s Village. Our five year old piped up and said “I want to go to Cyprus again! Can we go there first?” So perhaps we will do that. Whatever we decide, there will be tent time.

And… I may just learn to drive a car this year.

Basically my year is a relatively blank and open book. Whatever 2016 brings me there is one thing I do know… it will be a year filled with gratitude, happiness, and love. I wish the same for you.

Happy New Year!

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