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Back in November 2011, when I plugged my dreadmill into the power, I didn’t have a clue what it was going to do to change my life. Of course, you already know about the confidence and self-esteem boost that becoming a runner has brought me. I’ve told you how running has helped me increase muscle and take inches off my body. I’ve shared stories about my races and how some have left me feeling empowered and others taught me humility. I’ve even told you how exercise is my replacement for diabetes medications. However, there is another side-effect that has been something I appreciate and that is the immunity boost living an active lifestyle has brought me.

When I wasn’t fit or active I was the perfect host for every cold or flu going around. I swear I had a note pasted on my forehead that said “illness welcome here” and being diabetic without knowing it certainly didn’t help. I dreaded winter because I would be plagued with illness after illness. Sometimes these would manifest as bronchitis and I’d be down and out for a good six weeks or more. Now, I force myself to run, cycle, or walk during the illness rather than lie down on the couch with my tissues in one hand and the remote control in the other. I haven’t had a bronchial infection in more than three years. The few colds I have had were nominal, lasting mere days rather than weeks on end.

I wondered why running and other exercise boosts our immune system. The other day I learned a little more about this from Dr. Greg Wells’ latest video for The Running Room.



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