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I have a friend who is fairly new to running and lately she and I have been chatting about what music is on our iPods. I thought it might be neat to post some of what I listen to when I am running, especially given that my musical tastes are all over the map. I’ll try to do this every few weeks as time permits.

As you’ve likely read, I’m training for a half marathon. The event is a mere 38 days off and I’m up to 17 K for my Saturday runs. I’ll be scaling back to 15K this week to give my body a rest. Here are three of the songs that will be on my playlist as I run along the Grand River.

Kamikaze – Tenpenny Joke

This one is a definite favorite. I first heard it when I was looking up videos on Canadian Trail Running. It gets me in the right rhythm to pick up the pace and I love this part of the lyrics…

“don’t look behind you; gotta keep on running, run ‘til your lungs burn”

Because We Can – Bon Jovi

I loved this song from the second it came out. I find it a great tune when I’m running a long distance and the title reminds me that I can do this training. The words that stand out most for me are…

“I don’t wanna be another wave in the ocean; I am a rock, not just another grain of sand”

Inner Ninja – Classified feat. David Myles

I love to chat with my 11-year old son and see what cool things he’s listening to. He shared this one and I find it fun to run to. That said, there have been a few times I’ve had to restrain myself from dancing while I run. It’s not good for my form…lol. I love this part…

“no matter how hard they tryin’; nobody’s gonna bring me down”

I could always use a little inspiration when it comes to expanding my playlist, so feel free to share some of your favourites by posting a comment.

Have a great long weekend.

(B)e positive!


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The idea for a wordle from my blog was inspired by my son’s latest school project. He was asked to create one for his novel study and I thought it might be fun to make my own.

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Oh I just adore how our city decides to clean the sidewalk with their noisy little contraption at 3:30 am. There I was, laying in my peaceful repose when I could hear the sound of ice and snow being scraped off my sidewalks. I’m not completely without appreciation but at that moment I was not very impressed. I picked up my BlackBerry and decided I would look and see what was in the news feed of my Facebook application. What I saw was my friend Crystal asking some questions about blogging.

In a sea of anti-blogging comments my groggy self tried to explain the pro side of it all. Let me tell you that my thoughts are not particularly gathered at 3:30 am, especially given that I don’t have the clarity of mind that is provided by that first mug of my favorite Italian roast coffee until a later hour. So I’ve decided to write something along that lines this morning now that I am adequately caffeinated.

I first started this blog in March 2011 with the following words.

“I created this to share my thoughts, experiences, and to inspire. I chose the name Finding My Inner Possible because that is essentially what I did. I got in touch with that part inside of us all that makes anything we strive for… well, possible. This has been a long journey and one that continues. I will share my past to give an understanding of where I have come from and, I will talk about my hopes for the future. I will talk about the present to give you some insight into what I enjoy in life and what I am doing now. Some of my posts will be serious, some light-hearted. Some of my posts might merely be about the latest book I have my nose into or what is going on in my life.”

Almost two years have passed and I can say that this space has become much more than pixels on a screen. While I have inspired people and I receive such lovely notes about it all the time, the personal growth that has come from sharing a small part of my journey has been nothing short of remarkable. My friend Kristin of Kristin’s Glas speaks of blogging as a way of being “open and vulnerable  in her post entitled What Blogging Means to Me. My blog has allowed me to share with you a little about who I really am. It has helped me grow and show that vulnerability which Kristin talks about.

There is a bit that goes on behind the scenes too. For every few posts you see there is one you don’t see. The posts that are never published are held back because they might be too personal or written in a moment of extreme hurt because someone let me down. There are times when a relationship would mean more to me than what I was feeling so I exercise judgment and use of the delete function. However, the act of writing it out enables me to work through the emotions and decide how to move forward. It’s cleansing in a sense.

Over the life of this blog you’ve read about my health issues and triumphs, you’ve watched my progression and obsession blossom as I became a runner, and you’ve read about some of the grief and loss I’ve experienced recently. You’ve watched me grow and change and find my true self. Finding My Inner Possible has not only been a great tool for learning more about the person I am and the one I strive to be… it has also connected me with many wonderful people around the world. Some of these people have been part of a great support system.

Is blogging for everyone? No, you have to love to write and be somewhat committed to writing as often as you can. For me, it’s the best thing. Writing keeps me motivated. Writing keeps it real.

Have a great Friday and don’t forget to (B)e Positive!

P.S. I was fortunate enough to meet Kristin because of a blog. She featured one of my recipes in her foodie blog a few years back. We became connected outside of the blogging world and she even ran my first 5K race with me last April. I am proud to call her friend.

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