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This weekend past, our family celebrated Thanksgiving. I had purposely cooked the turkey dinner on Sunday so that we could spend yesterday afternoon together, rather than being a slave to the stove. It was a wonderfully relaxing day and I appreciated the precious time spent with Bryan and the kids. This brings me to my topic—gratitude.

Every night I lie in bed and think about what wonderful things the day brought. Reflecting helps me to stay positive and to focus my energies where they belong. Even on the worst of days I can find a place for gratitude. Here are some of those things…

  • Bryan
  • my darling children (Tobias and Kaia)
  • love
  • friendship – both the budding and the blossomed
  • our dog Thomson
  • the cool crisp air of a fall day
  • the sound of leaves crunching beneath my hiking boots
  • quiet mornings
  • coffee
  • naps
  • story time with my baby girl
  • seeing my son curl up with a book
  • family movie time on a quiet afternoon
  • hugs
  • the way the rays of the early morning sun filter through the old windows
  • music
  • watching my children dance
  • life

So, what are you grateful for today?

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